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Tips to get help with essay writing

There are many people who are very talented when it comes to writing but sadly the lack of knowledge has made them produce destitute quality material. It is important to note that during or while writing there are some key points that are crucial that one needs to consider which include;

Time yourself

Most Instructors are careful to hand out essays at the beginning of the term or semester so that students have ample time to do their research and not work under pressure. One needs to plan when, and what to do at a specific time, this pattern helps to hit the deadline on time.


A good writer will on most occasions start with an introduction paragraph that will give a brief summary of what the paper is about to the Instructor or reader. It’s not only an important way to start writing, but it is also a part of the body of the essay. The Instructions acts as the head of the paper


The importance of writing with drafts is that they help the writer jot down the key points that help to structure the topic or essay. One is advised to take small or rough papers and write in a language in which he or she can understand in a chronological order. This norm will help the writer as he/she writers move quicker.

Avoid plagiarism

Some writers are Lazy they just want an easy way out, and this has cost them a lot. It is important that an individual should be original or creative. The idea of directly copying other students work or copy pasting directly from the Internet is a sign ignorance and laziness.


There are many formats of referencing when it comes to writing. A writer should be familiar with all the forms and know how to reference his or her work accurately. When it comes to referencing most writers make mistakes due to mixing up the forms or writing